Life Science

The global pandemic has put scientific health research in the spotlight. The healthcare sector is one of the fastest changing industries. This industry of the future needs more space, both for research & development and for production and administration. Life science property is a growing niche with great significance for the business and science location. Accordingly, investor interest in life science properties is high, as they are often highly specialised and combine production, laboratory and office space in varying proportions. From an investment perspective, these properties increase diversification and strengthen the profitability of the property portfolio.

Life science is an interdisciplinary science that deals with the processes and structures of living organisms. The life science market is therefore highly differentiated: from biotechnology and medical technology to the pharmaceutical sector. Real estate can be divided into properties focussing on research and development, production space, pharmaceutical logistics and administration. The research-intensive sector has experienced strong national and international growth in recent years.

Why are investments in life science property attractive?

Life science as a separate property class

What is already established in the English-speaking world is also gaining ground in the German-speaking region: Life science is becoming a separate property market segment with its own requirements profile. Greater awareness and increasing market liquidity are leading to potential for value appreciation, among other things.

Demographic change and high growth

Demographic change is a major driver of this growing importance. People are getting older and older and chronic illnesses are on the rise. At the same time, well-being is becoming more important for all age groups. The demand for medical products and services is increasing, which benefits biotechnology and medical technology. The need for research, laboratory and development space is growing rapidly.

GalCap is an expert in life science property

GalCap has been operating successfully in the laboratory property segment for many years and is the market leader in Austria. The close dialogue with existing tenants creates a deep understanding of the needs of this target group. In addition to the high building specifications, the formation of research clusters is essential. Synergy effects between different disciplines are a key success factor for users.