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Laying down the right tracks:

Transactions Management (Acquisitions/Sales)

Acquisitions and Sales are crucial components of the success of any investment. Our market expertise, special approach and specialized knowledge of the requirements of institutional investors ensure the best possible results.

All acquisitions are based on meticulous analysis and detailed underwriting models, tied to a sound projection on expected results. This ensures the predictability for each investment in line with institutional requirements.

Property acquisitions: Make use of “off-market” opportunities

As in many parts of the world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable investment possibilities. Large number of properties are traded solely off-market. In other cases, opportunities can only be created by actively approaching potential sellers. Against this background, our strategy of a clear specialisation on these markets together with our local representatives on the ground is vital. Thanks to our proactive acquisition activity, we continually have potential purchasing opportunities, allowing us to place even larger investment tickets in a short timeframe.

Property disposals: Networks generate benefits

Our profound knowledge of the local markets as well as our excellent regional network pays off in case of asset disposal, too. Our clients include potential buyers and their strategies, which are continuously updated.  We know the currently achievable sale prices and the specific factors which are decisive for the best sales results.

First-class management over the complete investment cycle:

Asset Management

From selection and purchase to ongoing management and disposal: As asset managers, we take care of our properties not only at the beginning, but over the complete cycle.

Thanks to our proximity to the respective markets, we continually entertain a pipeline of attractive acquisition opportunities which we comprehensively analyse. That’s why we can invest new capital commitments within a short timeframe.

During the acquisition process, we draw up a detailed business plan and ensure a clear and concise strategy on asset level including, among other things, a letting concept adjusted to the individual circumstances. In the day-to-day management of each property, we put a special emphasis on proactive tenant care, avoiding potential difficulty beforehand and supporting durable and positive relationships. Likewise, we select and manage all service providers and monitor all repair and maintenance tasks.  We implement a professional budgeting process, monitor all costs, and ensure a prompt and transparent reporting.

When the time has come to exit an investment, our first-class market knowledge (Vienna, Austria, Southern Germany, Italy, CEE) and our extensive network ensure the best possible result for the client.

Reaching the goal fast and reliably:

Project Management

Whether conversion, expansion or renovation: Our project management ensures that each property reaches optimal condition at the right time.

A professionally conceived and carried out revitalisation supports both the best possible value preservation of the property as well as optimal leasing. From the first project calculation and preparation to the transparent selection of project partners and monitoring of the process, we take on all coordinative works and tasks in project management.

Clearly defined processes, operations and control mechanisms ensure the best possible compliance with time and cost requirements. Obviously, creating forward-thinking leasing plans which conform with the assets’ new concept are part of it, too.

The framework must fit:

Company Management

As your partner in corporate management, we secure all the details for the framework of establishment and management of the “special purpose vehicle” (SPV) that holds your investment properties.

From the takeover of all formalities to the appointment of the managing director, we take over all tasks required to establish and operate your SPV reliably and in compliance with all formal and legal requirements. For accounting, legal and tax services, we gladly ensure the presentation, selection and management of suitable service providers.


Valuable know-how makes the difference:


Whether Vienna or Venice, whether Poland or Bavaria: We support you with tailor-made investment advice to empower you to improve your own direct property investments as an institutional investor or private foundation in Austria or the neighbouring regions.

According to your specific needs, our engagement may start with general advice on a single market or the whole region. It may include full support in the professional handling of the acquisition process or focus on specific management issues such as reduction of vacancy, securing long-term bank financing or a strategic repositioning of the property. Real estate investment is our business!

Our personal involvement in leasing and negotiation is especially valuable and can smooth the path to success or prevent missed opportunities. Our clients benefit from our familiarity with regions and cultures to support your successful investment.