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In the Heart of Europe: A Region of Opportunity!

More than ever, Austria and the neighbouring regions of Southern Germany, Northern Italy and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) offer institutional investors outstanding prospects for real estate investments – provided professional management is in place. This is our business: Welcome to GalCap Europe!

Well-known pension funds and insurance companies from the entire German-speaking region already benefit from our almost unique specialization in the Austrian as well as neighbouring real estate markets.

Our excellent local networks, cross-border intercultural understanding and a clear investment approach are key contributing factors to our success. As investment managers, we consistently acquire outstanding properties on behalf of our clients, enhance their value and exit the investment at the most opportune time.

We are exceptionally familiar with the special requirements of institutional investors. This knowledge ensures the correct groundwork and structure throughout the entire process. Find out more about our specialized approach to business in the following pages – or directly in a personal meeting.

Success factor

An important success factor is our compact size: it stands for efficient decision-making paths and enables us to react quickly – for example, when it comes to securing a particularly interesting investment opportunity on short notice.

Who we are

Specialization that makes the difference: This approach has made us one of the leading real estate investment managers in Vienna, throughout Austria as well as in the neighbouring parts of Europe since our foundation in 2015.

Life Science

Real estate for scientific research is a growing niche with high significance for any future-proof business location. GalCap Europe is the market leader for life science property in Austria and has a proven track record in this asset class.

Institutional Funds

GalCap Europe is asset manager for real estate funds dedicated to institutional investors. These investment vehicles aim for stable income and sustainable growth in asset value. An active management approach and deep-rooted local knowledge are essential.