Who we are

Specialization that makes the difference: This approach has made us one of the leading real estate investment managers for Austria and Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) since our founding in 2015.

 We are specialized in this region like hardly anyone else.  We identify exceptionally promising real estate investments – primarily commercial and residential properties – and create value for our clients. Our customers are predominantly institutional investors and private foundations.

GalCap Europe is an active manager with a bottom-up approach. We are close to the assets, constantly evaluating property-specific opportunities and risks. Our expertise, through specific asset selection, achieves the predetermined target returns at minimum risk levels. Based on our deep knowledge of the local real estate markets, we identify and manage the right assets to satisfy a wide range of return profiles.


The geographical focus of our activities is:

Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary

Further secondary markets that we cover:

Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania

The management team of our company unites longstanding real estate expertise, cross-border competency and a deep understanding of the special requirements of institutional investors.

 Our company size enables us to implement an efficient decision-making process which promotes quick responses and streamlined processes to secure investment opportunities of particular interest. As a management-owned company, we operate free from conflicting corporate interests and are fully in line with our client’s goals.